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Crafting Volo's Wellness Module app posed distinctive challenges, met with precision and innovation. In our journey, key hurdles were seamlessly overcome:

  • 1. Intuitive Booking Logic:

    Designing a user-friendly booking system for diverse campaigns.

  • 2. Secure User Data Management:

    Handling diverse user data securely and in compliance with privacy standards.

  • 3. Real-time Synchronization Mastery:

    Ensuring real-time synchronization of onsite campaigns.

  • 4. Customizable Campaign Configurations:

    Adapting the app to diverse campaign needs.

  • 5. Optimized Location-Based Features:

    Incorporating precise location-based features for a seamless user experience with mapping APIs and geolocation services ensured accurate and user-friendly location features.

In conquering these challenges, Volo's Wellness Module app stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Navigate workplace wellness with confidence - choose Volo.

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Key Functionalities

Book Appointments for Onsite Campaigns

volo appointment

Effortlessly schedule appointments for employer-driven health campaigns within your workplace. Choose your office location, select from ongoing campaigns, and pick a convenient time slot. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth booking process, with the option to modify or cancel within the specified timeframe.

Book Appointments for Offsite Campaigns:

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Explore health campaigns beyond your workplace with our offsite booking feature. Navigate through a map interface, select an offsite location, and choose from available campaigns. The app ensures a hassle-free experience, even allowing location changes with a tap. Confirmation is swiftly handled by the campaign vendor, providing flexibility for offsite engagements.

Book Services

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Embark on a personalized wellness journey by booking various health and wellness services. Select dependents, choose from a range of services, and pick your preferred vendor. The user interface is designed for clarity, with ongoing enhancements to provide an optimal experience. Stay tuned for more details as the UI evolves.


volo online

Explore exclusive deals curated by Volo in our Marketplace. With a complete UI, users can easily view and choose from a variety of offers. Each deal card serves as a gateway, redirecting users to partner pages through unique affiliate links. Enjoy a seamless and rewarding experience as you discover enticing deals.


volo meeting

Efficiently manage your appointment history with the detailed Appointments feature. From past to upcoming sessions, each appointment is just a tap away. The live appointment screen mirrors the confirmation screen, providing real-time updates. For completed appointments, download comprehensive reports in PDF format, enhancing the post-engagement experience.

Login Flow

volo login

Experience a secure and efficient login process with our Single Login Flow. Utilizing corporate email IDs and OTP verification, this streamlined approach ensures quick access. Backend mapping further enhances security and personalization, allowing each user to login based on their designated ID type. Trust in a login system that prioritizes simplicity without compromising on security.

Intuitive User Experience

Volo's Wellness Module app prioritizes a seamless and visually pleasing user experience. With an intuitive interface, responsive map features, and ongoing UI enhancements, users effortlessly navigate through booking appointments, exploring services, and discovering exclusive deals in the Marketplace. The streamlined Single Login Flow ensures both security and simplicity. Volo's commitment to an enriched UI/UX elevates the overall wellness journey for users.

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Volo's Wellness Module app marks a transformative journey in workplace well-being. With intuitive features, seamless UI/UX, and robust security measures, the app redefines how employees engage with health campaigns, services, and exclusive deals. In conclusion, Volo's commitment to excellence shines through, offering not just an app but a holistic wellness solution for the modern workplace.

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What Client Say’s About Us

volo client

Krishna Satyamurthy

Ceo of Volo

I've been fortunate enough to experience the incredible impact of Volo Wellness firsthand, and I couldn't be more impressed. As someone deeply invested in employee well-being, I've seen numerous platforms, but Volo's approach is nothing short of revolutionary.The app's ability to streamline health campaigns is unmatched. The interface is user-friendly, making it easy for both employees and administrators to navigate. The real-time tracking of wellness initiatives ensures that everyone stays engaged and accountable.

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