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Betswap is a unique online platform that allows users to bet peer to peer on sports or casino games using cryptocurrencies




Due to their unique concept Betswap gained huge number of users within short span. BetSwap experienced a significant increase in their AWS bills due to inefficient resource allocation and unoptimized infrastructure configuration. The platform required a robust and scalable infrastructure to handle peak betting periods, ensuring uninterrupted user experiences and smooth transaction processing. BetSwap aimed to reduce costs without compromising on performance, striking a delicate balance between financial efficiency and user satisfaction



The Cloudastra team conducted a comprehensive audit of BetSwap existing AWS infrastructure, identifying areas of improvement and cost optimization opportunities. Leveraging their expertise in AWS services, Cloudastra devised a tailored cost optimization strategy for BetSwap, aligning with the platform' unique requirements and goals. Cloudastra analyzed the utilization patterns of BetSwap resources and rightsized their instances, ensuring optimal performance while eliminating unnecessary costs. By leveraging AWS Reserved Instances and Savings Plans, Cloudastra secured significant cost savings for BetSwap, allowing them to enjoy discounted pricing for long-term commitments. Cloudastra implemented automated resource management and monitoring solutions, enabling BetSwap to accurately track costs, identify inefficiencies, and respond swiftly to any changes in demand.


Seamless and scalable signup,payments & profiles

On Betswap, signing up is as easy as connecting your wallet! No sensitive personal information or details are required. Users simply need to connect to the exchange using their MetaMask (or similar crypto wallet), follow a few prompts, and gain immediate access to all that Betswap has to offer. Users can go from signup to earning in just a few minutes! To enhance user experience, we enabled seamless registration and login using crypto wallet addresses such as Trust Wallet and Metamask browsers. We also provided an option to register using email ID and allowed users to pay using their debit or credit cards.




Through the joint efforts of Cloudastra Technologies and BetSwap, the platform achieved an impressive 50% reduction in their AWS bills, resulting in substantial cost savings. By implementing rightsizing techniques and optimizing resource allocation, BetSwap experienced improved performance and scalability, ensuring a seamless user experience during peak periods. The automation and monitoring solutions implemented by Cloudastra empowered BetSwap to gain better visibility into their infrastructure costs, allowing them to make informed decisions and allocate resources more effectively. With reduced operational costs, BetSwap could reinvest their savings into innovation and business expansion, giving them a competitive edge in the fast-growing blockchain-based sports betting market.


Thawfeek Ameen

Ceo of Betswap

"Overall, we highly recommend Cloudastra to anyone seeking a reliable and knowledgeable partner. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence are truly exceptional. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them and achieving great success together"



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