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Tompkins Robotics focuses on robotic automation of distribution and fulfillment operations. Beginning over five years ago with robotic sortation solution, tSort™




Tompkins Industries switched to Kubernetes (K8s) from Docker due to scalability and management issues with their Java microservices. The transition was challenging and required careful planning to avoid client disruptions. The goal was to deploy the application on K8s while ensuring scalability, reliability, and efficient management for clients already in production. Despite the challenges, the transition was successful, improving scalability and management while minimizing disruptions. With K8s, the company could benefit from automatic scaling, load balancing, and self-healing capabilities, ensuring that their microservices were running smoothly and efficiently. The transition to K8s was a wise decision for Tompkins Industries, providing the company with the flexibility and scalability needed to stay competitive in the software industry



Cloudastra, a technology solutions provider, assessed the existing IT infrastructure of Tompkins Industries and identified key areas for improvement. They then set up a testing environment to ensure that any changes made would not negatively impact the production environment. Next, they redesigned the application architecture to make it more scalable and efficient, and containerized the application to improve deployment and management.




Our company helped a client improve their application's performance and reliability by deploying it on Kubernetes. The client was facing issues with frequent container vanishing and restarts, which were affecting the application's performance. Deploying the application on Kubernetes resolved these issues and improved its performance. Kubernetes' automatic management of containers eliminated the problems and ensured the application ran smoothly. Overall, deploying the application on Kubernetes proved to be a successful solution for our client, enhancing their application's performance and reliability


Mike Futch

Co-founder of Tompkins

"From the very beginning, their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and goals. They took the time to listen to our concerns and worked closely with us to develop a customized strategy that met our unique requirements.."



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